About Elevate

We are passionate and driven to showcase the talent of our staff in the Philippines in the eDiscovery and technology industries. Our background stems from over 10 years in the eDiscovery and litigation support sector, hence the creation of Elevate International.

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Our team has first hand experience on the highs and lows of eDiscovery. The solution we are now introducing to the market is a client-centric, customer driven one. The difference between a competent eDiscovery partner and non-ideal one can be identified extremely early.

We are hoping to peel back the layers and expose our process that gathers data from our partners to properly identify project needs, then matching those requirements back to individually selected members on our staff. We ensure to go above and beyond with our clients by providing an onboarding process that delivers proper training to each employee.

After going through this in the past, we realize that every effective eDiscovery staffing partner succeeds or fails from the outset.

Although eDiscovery staffing is our primary focus, we have several team members that are proficient in IT, HR, engineering, and design. We refer to ourselves as an agile provider for managed services in technology.

If you’re ready to take your eDiscovery and business operations to the next level, we’d love to hear from you!

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