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CHC Hydronics

CHC Hydronics & PLC Print:  Partnering for Marketing Success


As a one-person marketing team, Sunday Perez has a lot on her plate.  As her career has advanced over the last ten years, she’s brought Rajiv and his team along from one company to the next.  That’s because PLC Print makes her life easier and never lets her down. “No” is never the answer and quality never compromised.   She trusts them to meet her quick turnaround needs and high standards.   Here are just 3 examples why the power of a great marketing partnership matters:

“From working with Rajiv and his team for the past ten years, I’ve learned the value of a great partnership and the power of ‘Yes’. PLC Print always has my back.”

Sunday Perez
Marketing Manager
CHC Hydronics

Major rebrand unveil hypes employee engagement

Sunday trusted PLC Print with all aspects of the top-secret rollout of the company’s new branding – from posters to banners and logo promotional items. When employee reached out and asked for additional items to give their family members, Sunday knew that the unveil was a huge success.

Great graphics drive trade show & social traffic

Sunday trusts that her trade show graphics will always be delivered on time and that the production quality will be ‘top notch’. PLC Print makes her booth stand out from the crowd, which drives booth traffic and lets her post tag stunning social media photos.  Bottom line:  PLC Print helps to drive marketing qualified leads.

Digital portal makes life easier

The digital ordering portal PLC Print introduced was a game changer. Ordering commonly used items like business cards, envelopes, and outdoor banners much easier which saves Sunday precious time. The portal is one way PLC Print is leveraging digital technology to save busy marketers time.

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