Harvest Pacific Farms

As Harvest Pacific Farms entered the cannabis retail space, Richard initiated a search for a packaging vendor. He found lots of options and many high-priced options, but few who understood the packaging needs of the business – such as child-resistant bottles. With PLC Print, he didn’t just find a vendor, he found someone who knows the business and a partner he can trust.

Esensia Gardens

After years of wholesale distribution, Ben Blake and his partner Marley Lovell set out to create a retail brand for their cannabis flower. Their vision: launch Esensia as a unique, craft-like brand for which scarcity would drive demand and position them for national distribution. The stakes were high and there was no room to get it wrong. They needed to complement the product’s inherent quality with awesome visual branding, marketing, and packaging. After several failed attempts at finding a packaging vendor who could meet their quality, communication and/or delivery standards, a friend in the industry introduced them to Rajiv. And the partnership began.

Echsen Industries

As one of the first cannabis growers to secure a distribution license in California Echsen Industries was building a highly in-demand premium retail brand for their FARM2LAB products. That is until COVID-19 hit and sniffing in the retail environment was banned. The customer’s selection process changed overnight, reverting to sight over smell to make product choices. That’s when creative director David Kazmierski partnered with PLC Print to enhance the visual of the FARM2LAB with packaging that distinctly stands apart on the retail shelf.

CHC Hydronics

As a one-person marketing team, Sunday Perez has a lot on her plate. As her career has advanced over the last ten years, she’s brought Rajiv and his team along from one company to the next. That’s because PLC Print makes her life easier and never lets her down. “No” is never the answer and quality never compromised. She trusts them to meet her quick turnaround needs and high standards. Here are just 3 examples why the power of a great marketing partnership matters:

Bellwether Coffee

As a tech start-up tech operating out of a garage in Berkeley, CA, Kimberly and her team were creating everything from scratch – including brochures and promotional items. The ‘a friend of a friend’ approach to finding vendors to work with was getting too fragmented. She needed a vendor that Bellwether Coffee could scale with as the company came out of stealth mode, raised capital, and grew. Looking to support local businesses, she found Rajiv and his team next door to Bellwether Coffee’s makeshift headquarters. And, as she says, she’s never letting go.