Case Studies


PLC Helps Start-Ups with the challenge of multiple vendors for marketing needs

Our clients come to us for a variety of marketing solutions, from brand image to packaging and more. We work with them to solve all of the problems they have, both known and unknown. Check out some of our case studies below to see what PLC can do for you!

Bellwether Coffee

Bellwether Coffee: With PLC Print, They’ve Found a ‘Priceless’...

CHC Hydronics - PLC Print

CHC Hydronics & PLC Print: Partnering for Marketing Success
As a...

Echsen Industries - PLC Print

Working Together to Solve a COVID-19 Cannabis Retail Sales Dilemma:...

Esensia Gardens - PLC Print

Essential & PLC Print: Partnering to Create a Craft-like Cannabis...

Harvest Pacific Farms

For Cannabis Grower, PLC’s Print’s Industry Experience & Value Matter.


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