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Once you’ve extended your creative energy into researching and developing your product, you are armed with the essentials needed to bring it to market, you just need an experienced package designer/producer to translate your extensive effort into a presentation worthy of your accomplishment. We utilize your hard-earned knowledge of the process you just endured, collaborate with you to lend our skill, and package your product to attract the sales needed for success.


It doesn’t matter whether your product is boxed, bagged, labeled, shrink-wrapped, or any combination of packaging techniques, there are no limits to our creative solutions. We can be involved in every aspect of design, production, promotion, and distribution regardless of your supply chain and fulfillment channels. The packaging design and creation of your product is an exciting phase. It means you are extremely close to bringing your new product to market. Contact us so our marketing and packaging expertise can keep this process moving forward with your vision clearly defined, understood, and represented.


The packaging of your products can make or break your success in the business industry. Statistics show that 72% of American consumers say their buying decision is heavily influenced by the packaging of the product. This means that regardless of how innovative your product is, if it’s not properly packaged, you won’t be able to earn customers and profits.

And, while you can create packaging for your products on your own, it’s still best to entrust product packaging companies to do the job. We at PLC have years of experience in print and marketing, and will bring your ideas to life in no time!

PLC Designing Custom Packaging

The Importance of Custom Product Packaging

The maxim “never judge a book by its cover” isn’t usually applied when it comes to a product. On the contrary, the way your product is packaged can greatly affect your business’s marketing efforts and profitability.  

Being able to provide custom product packaging is important in business because of the following reasons:


  1. Strengthens Your Marketing Efforts

Did you know that 40% of consumers will share an image of your packaging on social media platforms if they find it unique and appealing? The exposure your business receives through this effort will allow you to expand your reach, improve your online presence, and attract more customers.

Even the unboxing experience is important especially since we now live in the age where videos of people unboxing a product can garner thousands of views. If your product’s custom packaging design is dull and uninspired, people viewing these videos are less likely to purchase your product. 


  1. Encourages Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

There are countless ways to attempt to convince consumers to buy your product, but word-of-mouth still remains the most effective. 90% of people will trust and buy a brand if it’s recommended to them by a friend, family member, or colleague from work.

Offering the best product packaging will encourage word-of-mouth advertising because consumers may recommend your product if it comes in gift-like or branded packaging. Unique or stylish packaging can also catch the eye of people visiting your consumer’s homes, sparking a conversation about your product that might not have happened otherwise, and potentially creating new customers. 


  1. Protects Your Product

Your efforts to create the most useful product for your target audience will be useless if they aren’t packed properly. How can you ensure your product is safe during transportation if you use packaging materials that aren’t tailored to your product’s shape or dimensions? Do you think your product will arrive in the best condition if this is the case?

Aside from making your product look aesthetically appealing, custom product packaging also protects the product inside. In order to make sure that your product gets to your client safely, you don’t just want to throw your product in an ordinary cardboard packaging box. Protective packaging is essential. By utilizing the packaging solutions of a product packaging company you can make sure that your products are properly boxed, bagged, shrink-wrapped, or packaged using two or more techniques to ensure that the product arrives in tiptop condition on the consumer’s doorstep.


  1. Strengthens Your Brand

You should invest sufficient resources into your product packaging to make sure it supports your brand’s message. The box style and way your product is packaged can send a message to the consumer about the product and the brand behind its creation. For example, if one of the strengths of your brand’s products are there sleek design, consider choosing lamination to make the box that they come in sleek as well to emphasize that concept. Packaging is another opportunity to communicate to the consumer what your brand is all about.

Custom Packaging Mockup

How We Can Help

Offering the best products to your target audience is important, but you shouldn’t stop there — you should also devote time and energy to creating the best packaging for your product. This task isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why we’re here to help provide you with custom packaging solutions.

Our team at PLC have years of experience in the industry — from coming up with effective and attractive designs to the proper production of your packaging materials. We’ll work with you to design high quality packaging that reflects and protects your product.

We have in-depth knowledge of creating the best product packaging, which means that our custom product packaging services are guaranteed to attract people’s attention, encourage your customer to take action, and highlight the benefits of your product. When designing the packaging we also consider what designs are best for your chosen target audience.


How our Custom Printed Packaging Process Works

We’ll start by seeing where you are in the process of creating your product’s packaging and go from there. If you’re just starting to create customized packaging we’ll start by sharing our customization options with you and ask you questions about your preferences on box design, artwork, box material, finishing options etc. Then we’ll create some mockups of what your packaging will look like. Once the design is just right we’ll bring it to life and produce as many as you’d like. 


Why We’re Different

Our years of experience in helping businesses create the best product packaging makes us the best in the industry. Our experience has allowed us to learn not only what works and what doesn’t, but also what techniques work best.

Our team at PLC is different because:

  • We’ll manage 100% of your project: Creating the best product packaging requires a lot of time, and we’re here to take that responsibility off of your shoulders. Our team will handle 100% of the project if need be, so you can focus more on other important aspects of your business. 

  • We’ll fill the gaps if your team is too busy: Our team is fully-equipped to fill in the gaps if your in-house design team is too occupied with larger initiatives. Even though we are constantly creating new packaging designs, you’ll be surprised at how unique our designs are.

  • We’ll consult with you to determine where you need help the most: We’ll assess your business goals first to determine which areas we can help with the most. Regardless of if you’re a small business or an enterprise-level corporation, we’ll guarantee that our services best fit your present and future packaging needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Ready To Make the Best Product Packaging?

Our team is ready to surprise you with our innovative custom packaging methods, so contact us today. You can reach us at (510) 559 3181 or through [email protected]. Give us the details of how you want your custom product packaging to look and function and our team will get started!


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