Cannabis Packaging

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Beautiful packaging will bring your cannabis brand to life, set it distinctly apart from the rest, and help your business grow.  Creating it is an undertaking you wouldn’t hire just anyone to do.

At PLC Print, we understand. Our cannabis industry reputation speaks for itself.  Our clients consider us more than a packaging provider – they consider us their packaging supply chain partner.  And, while they trust us to deliver beautiful packaging, they trust us to deliver value too.

Rest assured.  We will not price gouge like far too many suppliers and we will go above and beyond to deliver quality, dependability, and service.

Plus, we do a few other things differently:

We take the time to understand your vision

Offering customized graphics and container designs to transform your unique brand vision into reality.

We understand your industry

Navigating the nuances of regulation to streamline legal review processes while creating beautiful, yet compliant design solutions.

We offer affordable warehousing solutions

Relieving you of the hassle and cost of finding warehouse space for your inventory of packaging, print and promotional items.

We are a long-term relationship partner

Offering a full range of packaging and print solutions to scale with your business as it grows.

Ready for Cannabis Packaging? We’re here to help.

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