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Branded merchandise is also known as promotional products. These are proven to increase sales and brand awareness, the problem comes in their implementation. Properly implemented, they work beautifully. Just given out, they serve only as a token with no measurable return to prove anything other than their cost to give them out.

There are well over 100,000 promotional products for you to choose from. The sheer magnitude of these choices is one thing, matching them to an effective promotion with all your variables is even more daunting. You need an advocate with in-depth knowledge of the industry, creativity, and the tools to create the best match on your side. You get to continue being the expert at your business. Contact us to be the experts at matching your needs for branded merchandise to your objectives. Then you can experience the increased sales and brand awareness that promotional products have proven to provide.

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What Are Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise?

Promotional products and branded merchandise are useful items printed with your business name and logo. These items are designed to help spread the word about your company and its products or services.

Promotional products may also be referred to as customized merchandise.

Uses of Promotional Products

Your company may use promotional products as gift items to loyal customers and business partners or affiliates. Promotional items may serve as a token of your appreciation, which can help boost professional relationships. They may also be used as incentives or prizes for your rewards program. 

Promotional items can be especially helpful for your business during trade shows to help complement your marketing kit. Other promotional products, such as shirts and lanyards, may be used internally by your employees to serve as walking advertisements for your brand.

Plethora of promotional Products including bottles, stress balls, notepads, sleep mask, etc.

Proven Value of Promotional Products

Customized brand items help your business improve brand recognition, boost lead generation, and increase sales. These benefits are not just lip service — as trusted print partners of different businesses and organizations, PLC Print has seen all these and more.

Promotional products have long since proven that they provide measurable value for various companies. Seven out of ten brands note that promotional products are mostly or always effective in helping them reach their marketing goals.

Moreover, consumers love receiving promotional products. A 2019 consumer study shows that around 70% of consumers even prefer to receive brand merchandise more often, while 96% prefer to know in advance when companies are offering promotional items.

Surveyed consumer respondents noted that they are very much willing to put in the effort just to receive a promotional product.

Your target consumers may even be willing to purchase your branded merchandise if it is of premium quality and value. In one survey, 23% of consumers said they bought a promotional product last year.

The Right Products for the Right Audience

Promotional products come in all manner of items, shapes, sizes, and colors. When it comes to custom brand merchandise, your business is only limited by your needs, budget, and imagination.

There are hundreds and thousands of promotional items you can choose from and select. Almost any item or product that you can see and feel can be made into a promotional item. 

When choosing the right promotional product for your business, you need to consider several factors. Three crucial elements you always need to account for include your business, your target audience’s needs, and the event or project where you will distribute your products.

Whether it’s a cap, a keychain, a shirt, or a popular tech item, you can most likely turn it into your customized product — all you need are the right printers for the job (which we have).

PLC Print offers custom printing for a wide array of promotional products.

Promotional Products Icons including hat, mug, sunglasses, shirt, bottle, pen, calendar, etc.

Here are some of the promotional items we can personalize for your brand:

  • Face Masks

  • Button Pins or Badges

  • Ceramic mugs

  • Shirts

  • Zip-up sweaters and vests

  • Pullover and zip-up hoodies

  • Metal water flasks or bottles

  • Towels

  • Backpacks

  • Socks

  • Caps

  • Umbrellas

  • Planners or journals

  • Notebooks

  • Necklaces

  • Beverage coasters

  • Keychains

  • Eco-friendly bags

  • Lanyards

  • Embroidered patches and metal buttons

  • Paper napkins

  • Ballpens

  • Drawstring bags

  • Novelty items, like toys and custom decorations

When ordering customized merchandise for your brand, you need to look into the capabilities of the print partner you’re considering. The quality of your promotional products may depend on this.

Consumers have noted that the quality of a promotional item reflects the reputation of the company offering them.

Contact us today and let our seasoned PLC Print team help you match your objectives and focus your budget on the right promotional products.

Promotional products ready to be branded: cups, bags, notepad, card, poster

Benefits of Promotional Products for Your Brand

Using promotional products requires a certain level of strategy — sometimes you shouldn’t give them away to just anyone. These items can help improve an existing marketing campaign or even be the center of a new advertising endeavor.

When promotional products are properly implemented, they offer the following benefits for your business:

1. Boost Brand Visibility and Recognition

One of the best advantages of offering promotional products is the boost it brings to your brand visibility and name recognition. Items that reflect or relate to your brand can increase your brand recognition further.

Branded merchandise that can be used on a regular basis, such as pens and water bottles, are also ideal. These items help ensure your target audience becomes more familiar with your business name and logo.

2. Develop Positive Business Relationships

Promotional products make great gift items and loyalty reward incentives. Gifting your long-time clients and indispensable business partners with useful and high-quality products goes a long way towards fostering strong, positive relationships.

Customers and partners who have positive feelings and views about your brand are more likely to refer you to their friends.

3. Enhance Customer Retention and Loyalty

Offering brand merchandise to customers can help enhance customer retention and promote customer loyalty.


Having premium items on hand and using them regularly keeps your business on your customers’ minds. When they or an acquaintance of theirs is in need of your services, there is a higher chance of them choosing your brand over your competitors.

Printed Promotional Product magazine

4. Generate New Leads and Sales

Promotional items are a great avenue for generating leads and converting them into sales. This alone can provide you with a positive return on your investment. A visible logo on both unique, novelty products and everyday items can help convert potential buyers. When they see your promotional items they’ll be reminded of your services and may reach out to you the next time they need a product or service that you provide.

However, the quality of your promotional product plays a key role in people’s perception of your brand. As such, producing superior quality items and partnering with a reliable printer like PLC Print is paramount.

5. Cost-effective Marketing Tools

When you order customized promotional products by bulk, smaller items may cost you as low as a dollar per item. With the right printer partner, each high-quality branded merchandise can cost around $10 to $20.

This is a small price to pay for items that can stay with your customers and target audience on a daily basis for months.

Additionally, today’s common practice of photographing and sharing images of fun and unique items can play in your favor. As long as your promotional products are well-made and catch the attention of your audience, particularly the younger crowd, you can count on social media posts featuring your branded merchandise.

6. Long-term Brand Exposure

Promotional products help you market your business for months after the initial period of release. For durable or evergreen items, like shirts, bags, and mugs, the added value to your marketing efforts may extend for years.

PLC Print is here to help you get started on creating your line of custom brand merchandise. 

Elevate your marketing strategy and advertising efforts with our superior product printing and customization. Provide your consumers and partners with a memorable brand experience by giving them premium promotional products that they can use and interact with regularly.

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