PLC helps businesses grow their brand utilizing a suite of creative marketing capabilities.

All of our services include one not listed as a separate line item — our marketing expertise. There’s a good possibility you’ll need two or more of these services working in harmony with each other. Another advantage we provide is one-stop-shopping so all of your printed materials are created with plan and purpose to make you more successful.


Branded Apparel

There’s no shortage of places to buy custom printed or embroidered apparel. The problem arises when you want

Branded Merch

Branded merchandise is also known as promotional products. These are proven to increase sales and brand awareness,

Branded Storefront

With a custom “web-to-print” portal, you and authorized personnel have easy access to manage you

Cannabis Packaging

Beautiful packaging will bring your cannabis brand to life, set it distinctly apart from the rest, and help your business grow.

Custom Packaging

Once you’ve extended your creative energy into researching and developing your product, you are armed with,

Digital Printing

For our customers that have seen our digital printing equipment, or even just the digitally printed materials,

Display Graphics

Obviously, large format printing means you can have any size you need no matter how large, but other considerations include the purpose,

Offset Printing

Traditional offset printing has been around a long time but the modern advances to make it better and more efficient have not.