Our focus is to assist you in materializing your cannabis brand through our advanced and visually appealing packaging solutions that are dependable. What distinguishes us from the rest is our profound understanding of dispensaries. We are well-versed in the cannabis industry, which enables us to be more than just packaging providers. We are your trusted supply chain partners who offer compliant and inventive products, excellent service, and competitive wholesale pricing, ensuring complete satisfaction with your order.

What Services Are You Interested In?

Flower Packaging

Concentrate Packaging

Vape Cart Packaging

Custom Tubes

Plus, We Do A Few Other Things Differently:

We take the time to understand your vision

Offering customized graphics and container designs to transform your unique brand vision into reality.

We understand your industry

Navigating the nuances of regulation to streamline legal review processes while creating beautiful, yet compliant design solutions.

We offer affordable warehousing solutions

Relieving you of the hassle and cost of finding warehouse space for your inventory of packaging, print, and promotional items.

We are a long-term relationship partner

Offering a full range of packaging and print solutions to scale your business as it grows.

Flower Packaging

Need take-home pouches for your dispensary? We’ve got this in the bag. Choose from a variety of premium Pinch N Slide bags with double zippers or standard mylar bags designed to keep smells in and children out.

Concentrate Packaging

Everything you need to properly and safely store your edibles, concentrates, solids, oils, topicals, and tinctures is right here. We offer a wide variety of resealable cannabis flower packaging and concentrate jars with all the important design details.

Vape Cart Packaging

Shelf appeal is essential. Get your vape brand to stand out with custom packaging that reflects your unique brand. Let us design and manufacture custom vape cart packaging you’re proud to put on the shelves.

Custom Tubes

Show off your brand with sleek tube storage options designed to keep products fresh and protected. Whether you’re looking for vape or pre-roll storage in the form of tubes, tins, boxes, or cases, we’ve got a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right packaging for your product isn’t always easy, and there are a lot of components to consider: brand imagery, size options, disclosures, etc. If your not sure what you need from your packaging, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Packaging your Cannabis is both a marketing effort and merchandise necessity. We are experienced in designing sturdy packaging that helps deliver a good experience to your users. As we see it, your package should reflect how you want people to see your business. It should communicate that you have put at least as much effort into making a good product as you put into packaging it well.

Cannabis package design begins with which container type suits your product. For some it will be pouches designed to contain smells, and for others jars will be preferable, e.g., for long term storage.We can help you determine what type of packaging fits your needs and fit graphic designs to almost any package type. Contact us for a free consultation.

We see too many businesses with good products and good offerings who struggle getting products into retail stores. Many of them struggle from having poorly designed packaging that makes the product look cheap or sketchy, or they don’t have their brand imagery prominent on the packaging. If you’re worried about getting your product ready for retail, please reach out and schedule a free consultation.

Packaging is always important for marketing, but we believe it is even more so important in Cannabis. While the industry is still young, Cannabis brands have a unique opportunity to get in early and build trust with their customers.


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