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PLC Helps Start-Ups with the challenge of multiple vendors for marketing needs

EdgeMaker reached out to PLC when one of their current vendors could not meet their deadline. They were running into problems with multiple vendors, such as quality issues and delays. The entire process was overwhelming for this start-up business. With all the moving parts of a new business, while the promo and marketing materials are critical, they are the last thing on your mind. It would be best if you had a business partner that will be your backend support system.


Branded Apparel

There’s no shortage of places to buy custom printed or embroidered apparel. The problem arises when you want

Branded Merch

Branded merchandise is also known as promotional products. These are proven to increase sales and brand awareness,

Offset Printing

Traditional offset printing has been around a long time but the modern advances to make it better and more efficient have not.

Cannabis Packaging

Beautiful packaging will bring your cannabis brand to life, set it distinctly apart from the rest, and help your business grow easily.

Custom Packaging

Once you’ve extended your creative energy into researching and developing your product, you are armed with,

Digital Printing

For our customers that have seen our digital printing equipment, or even just the digitally printed materials,


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